Hi bebes, guess who’s back! Almost a year later, but who’s counting right? Since my last post, I’ve: moved two times, finished a school year, gotten sick 8 times, finished an internship and gotten 2 jobs.

But what I really want to talk about right now are extremely awkward situations.

In particular because I’m in the middle of an excruciatingly awkward one right now. It’s so painful that I’m even compelled to blog about it.

Some context: I recently moved into a new apartment for the summer. I’m subletting a room with a shared living room, kitchen and bathroom with three other girls, who are all old friends. This makes the odd one out. Tonight, the new roommates have some friends over, who are all strangers to me.

Clearly, I don’t know any of these girls. Hell, I don’t even know the girls I’m living with very well. I’m not obligated to be friendly or get to know these friends of theirs.

Still, I can’t help but feel, well, lame, sitting alone in my room with the door tightly shut while listening them having a grand old time. Should I be out there trying to be friendly? Or would that be uncomfortable because I’m not friends with them?

Obviously I’m not going to start anything now, since I’ve been holed up here for the past two or three hours whilst the visit was going on. 

So. What is bothering me the most about this? I don’t think there’s anything wrong in my wanting to stay out of it. I guess what I’m most irritated by is the worry that these girls will think I’m lame. Always it comes back to this theme of worrying about what other people think! So what if they think I’m a total loser.  Right?

I’ve been in worse situations before… why do I let the little things bother me so much?


I just watched Pretty Baby, arguably the creepiest movie ever made. Brooke Shields, who is possibly the jailbait actress of the 1900s, stars as baby prostitute Violet in this movie. In a short hour and a half, Violet grows up in a turn of the century whorehouse, gets her virginity auctioned off, and is abandoned by her mother. Then she has a creepy French photographer stalk her.

Possibly the most unsettling movie I’ve ever seen – even worse than Lolita. At least the dresses were pretty?

The time of reckoning has come. There are exactly 12 days until I return to Montreal and 18 days before classes start. And the beginning of classes means only one thing: The Fishbowl.

The Fishbowl (aka study-hole of hell) is the corridor between the Redpath and McLennan libraries and features one wall that is entirely window. This gives the studying student the disconcerting feeling of being watched – aka trapped in a fishbowl. People are constantly walking by the corridor so silence is very hard to come by. Also, given that this is Montreal, the outside scenery outside the window usually features snow, grey, and even more grey snow. Bah.

Clearly the Fishbowl is not the most pleasant studying environment. I’m fairly certain that McGill does offer nicer libraries – maybe. But I prefer to do the bulk of my studying in the most awful, noisiest library McGill offers. I figure since I’m doing something highly unpleasant I might as well do it someplace I want to get out of as soon as possible. This makes for very time-efficient studying. Plus I’m too lazy to search out a better library.

Maybe if I had a library like this to study at I might be better motivated?

UC Berkeley library - oh the high rafted ceilings and wood accents!

Instead I have this:


My darling friend Paige just sent me a new playlist that I just can’t listening to – I had to share. She has always had the greatest taste in music and is constantly exposing me to new styles and artists. This mix is no exception – it’s perfect for those rainy, introspective nights.

Listen here.

When I stopped by my local art supply store yesterday, I found that they were having a sale on oil paint. Naturally, I had to pick up a package as well as some canvas. I’d been itching to get my hands painting again, so I set aside this afternoon for some quality time with my paints.

Lately I’ve been dreaming about leaf prints and Mondrian color blocking, so I wanted to find a way to combine the two. I’d never worked with oil paints before so there was definitely a learning curve involved – oils are much much richer than anything I’ve used before. Maybe the quality of the brushes I used (cheapest I could find, ha) was to blame, but I also had a hard time with precision. What I did love about oils though was that I could play around with texture and color blending so much more than with watercolors (my paints of choice).

This painting is still in progress – I’m going to let the canvas dry for a day or two before starting in on the details. Stay tuned for the final product!

A few friends and I ventured over to Victoria, on Vancouver Island, last weekend. We spent the entire day wandering around getting lost in the city and eating all sorts of delicious food. One of the places we dropped by was The Soda Shoppe.

The store was a nod to an old fashioned soda shop, complete with a high wooden bar and a large assortment of soda, floats, and ice cream sundaes. Even the staff wore crisp whites and bowties!

I ordered a classic Coca Cola ice cream float while my friends ordered more exotic fare – a mango-coconut float and a malt. Drinking my soda float while being surrounded by friends – I felt like I was sitting in an Archie comic book. The Soda Shoppe is now one of my favourite places in Victoria, and I will definitely be making a return visit soon.

There’s something about a cute bicycle that conjures up an image of perfect 50s domesticity – full skirts, pedal pushers and wicker baskets full of fresh flowers. Since I can’t afford a real bicycle (oh to be a broke college student…), bicycle prints will have to do for now. I think these prints would be great silk-screened onto a tee or stenciled onto canvas. Possibly a future DIY project in the make?