Hey guys!

Welcome to my blog about my life and the things I find inspirational – art, design, food, and writing. I’m starting this blog as a way to document my interests, passions, and lifestyle as a self-proclaimed art geek, fashion lover, travel junkie, and amateur foodie. Someone once said that the best way to learn about oneself is to write a journal –  well, here goes!

But from the beginning –

I am 20-years old. Currently I am a student at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, studying International Development and Economics. I also not-so-secretly love studying literature and philosophy – I’ll often be found curled up in the first floor of the Redpath Library reading Camus while skiving off reading my Economics text. That said, I am incredibly passionate about international relations and development, particularly third-world politics. Eventually I plan on pursuing further studies in either Public Policy or Urban Planning.

I grew up in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, but as soon as I graduated high school I took off travelling to Europe. I was lucky enough to spent a blissful two months wandering around France, Italy, and Belgium, where I really learned to appreciate good art and good food. After Europe I went to various parts of Southeast Asia and the Middle East working for various farms, hostels, and nonprofits. Now, I’m based in (unbelievably cold) Montreal living the student life, complete with three kooky roommates and endless papers to write.

This blog is named Caligaris, which means ‘shoemaker’ in Italian. It’s both a nod to my love of Italy and love of shoes. I’m not entirely sure where I’m headed with this blog just yet. Hopefully it’ll inspire me to write more and be more creative.