Sunday evening is always a time of reflection for me – making plans for the upcoming week, thinking about what happened the prior week, cringing about the weekend’s excesses. The memories can be embarrassing, but beginning of the week reflection is also nice – because even though Monday morning kind of sucks, there’s always something to look forward to.

This week is looking especially good.

I’ll be working on some inspiration boards for my new apartment – I’m prepping by digging out old magazines that I loved, newspaper clippings, and developing photographs.

Starting my new position working in social media for a nonprofit. I bought this book to do a little bit of research. It’s going to be a busy week – I’ll be creating some media apps, pulling together blog content, sifting through old photos, and attending web seminars.

Taking a hike up in the wild woods of North Vancouver.

Checking out this cute little cafe with some friends. There’s nothing better than weekday brunch with a few of your closest friends.

Have a great week everyone!