The time of reckoning has come. There are exactly 12 days until I return to Montreal and 18 days before classes start. And the beginning of classes means only one thing: The Fishbowl.

The Fishbowl (aka study-hole of hell) is the corridor between the Redpath and McLennan libraries and features one wall that is entirely window. This gives the studying student the disconcerting feeling of being watched – aka trapped in a fishbowl. People are constantly walking by the corridor so silence is very hard to come by. Also, given that this is Montreal, the outside scenery outside the window usually features snow, grey, and even more grey snow. Bah.

Clearly the Fishbowl is not the most pleasant studying environment. I’m fairly certain that McGill does offer nicer libraries – maybe. But I prefer to do the bulk of my studying in the most awful, noisiest library McGill offers. I figure since I’m doing something highly unpleasant I might as well do it someplace I want to get out of as soon as possible. This makes for very time-efficient studying. Plus I’m too lazy to search out a better library.

Maybe if I had a library like this to study at I might be better motivated?

UC Berkeley library - oh the high rafted ceilings and wood accents!

Instead I have this: