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There’s something about a cute bicycle that conjures up an image of perfect 50s domesticity – full skirts, pedal pushers and wicker baskets full of fresh flowers. Since I can’t afford a real bicycle (oh to be a broke college student…), bicycle prints will have to do for now. I think these prints would be great silk-screened onto a tee or stenciled onto canvas. Possibly a future DIY project in the make?



This video project just sparked a huge wave of nostalgia for traveling. Wanderlust heaven. How inspirational (and beautifully edited) are these videos? Of course, it doesn’t hurt that there’s a cute Aussie involved… heh.


Lately I’ve been drawn to acid-hued saturated shades of colour. There is something so fresh about adding that attention-grabbing pop of neon, whether it’s paired with neutral denim or as a standout piece on its own.

Ted Talks is always inspiring, but this talk by Brene Brown really struck a chord with me. Brown says that the beauty of human beings is that we are driven by our desire for connection. But when unraveled, human connection is all about our vulnerability, shame, and fear.

I remember my high school English Lit teacher once told me that the beauty of literature was that every human emotion, challenge, hope, sentiment was reflection somewhere  in the breadth of literature. I think it’s really beautiful to think that every single human being out there in the world is connected by the simplest of things – our feelings.

Reminds me of treasure chests and scuba diving in warm tropical waters. Feeling the need to get my hands on a palette of blue shades, a sheet of canvas, and paint something, anything.