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When I stopped by my local art supply store yesterday, I found that they were having a sale on oil paint. Naturally, I had to pick up a package as well as some canvas. I’d been itching to get my hands painting again, so I set aside this afternoon for some quality time with my paints.

Lately I’ve been dreaming about leaf prints and Mondrian color blocking, so I wanted to find a way to combine the two. I’d never worked with oil paints before so there was definitely a learning curve involved – oils are much much richer than anything I’ve used before.┬áMaybe the quality of the brushes I used (cheapest I could find, ha) was to blame, but I also had a hard time with precision. What I did love about oils though was that I could play around with texture and color blending so much more than with watercolors (my paints of choice).

This painting is still in progress – I’m going to let the canvas dry for a day or two before starting in on the details. Stay tuned for the final product!


A few friends and I ventured over to Victoria, on Vancouver Island, last weekend. We spent the entire day wandering around getting lost in the city and eating all sorts of delicious food. One of the places we dropped by was The Soda Shoppe.

The store was a nod to an old fashioned soda shop, complete with a high wooden bar and a large assortment of soda, floats, and ice cream sundaes. Even the staff wore crisp whites and bowties!

I ordered a classic Coca Cola ice cream float while my friends ordered more exotic fare – a mango-coconut float and a malt. Drinking my soda float while being surrounded by friends – I felt like I was sitting in an Archie comic book. The Soda Shoppe is now one of my favourite places in Victoria, and I will definitely be making a return visit soon.