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Hi bebes, guess who’s back! Almost a year later, but who’s counting right? Since my last post, I’ve: moved two times, finished a school year, gotten sick 8 times, finished an internship and gotten 2 jobs.

But what I really want to talk about right now are extremely awkward situations.

In particular because I’m in the middle of an excruciatingly awkward one right now. It’s so painful that I’m even compelled to blog about it.

Some context: I recently moved into a new apartment for the summer. I’m subletting a room with a shared living room, kitchen and bathroom with three other girls, who are all old friends. This makes the odd one out. Tonight, the new roommates have some friends over, who are all strangers to me.

Clearly, I don’t know any of these girls. Hell, I don’t even know the girls I’m living with very well. I’m not obligated to be friendly or get to know these friends of theirs.

Still, I can’t help but feel, well, lame, sitting alone in my room with the door tightly shut while listening them having a grand old time. Should I be out there trying to be friendly? Or would that be uncomfortable because I’m not friends with them?

Obviously I’m not going to start anything now, since I’ve been holed up here for the past two or three hours whilst the visit was going on. 

So. What is bothering me the most about this? I don’t think there’s anything wrong in my wanting to stay out of it. I guess what I’m most irritated by is the worry that these girls will think I’m lame. Always it comes back to this theme of worrying about what other people think! So what if they think I’m a total loser.  Right?

I’ve been in worse situations before… why do I let the little things bother me so much?


I just watched Pretty Baby, arguably the creepiest movie ever made. Brooke Shields, who is possibly the jailbait actress of the 1900s, stars as baby prostitute Violet in this movie. In a short hour and a half, Violet grows up in a turn of the century whorehouse, gets her virginity auctioned off, and is abandoned by her mother. Then she has a creepy French photographer stalk her.

Possibly the most unsettling movie I’ve ever seen – even worse than Lolita. At least the dresses were pretty?

My darling friend Paige just sent me a new playlist that I just can’t listening to – I had to share. She has always had the greatest taste in music and is constantly exposing me to new styles and artists. This mix is no exception – it’s perfect for those rainy, introspective nights.

Listen here.


This video project just sparked a huge wave of nostalgia for traveling. Wanderlust heaven. How inspirational (and beautifully edited) are these videos? Of course, it doesn’t hurt that there’s a cute Aussie involved… heh.

Sunday evening is always a time of reflection for me – making plans for the upcoming week, thinking about what happened the prior week, cringing about the weekend’s excesses. The memories can be embarrassing, but beginning of the week reflection is also nice – because even though Monday morning kind of sucks, there’s always something to look forward to.

This week is looking especially good.

I’ll be working on some inspiration boards for my new apartment – I’m prepping by digging out old magazines that I loved, newspaper clippings, and developing photographs.

Starting my new position working in social media for a nonprofit. I bought this book to do a little bit of research. It’s going to be a busy week – I’ll be creating some media apps, pulling together blog content, sifting through old photos, and attending web seminars.

Taking a hike up in the wild woods of North Vancouver.

Checking out this cute little cafe with some friends. There’s nothing better than weekday brunch with a few of your closest friends.

Have a great week everyone!

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately –


1) Baking scones. I made cinnamon-flax scones today.

2) Sketching and painting. I ventured over to the new Michael’s store that opened in Vancouver and bought a new oil paint set and brushes. I’m in utter painting bliss.

3) Copious amounts of yoga. 2 week pass at YYoga anyone?

4) Discovering new lifestyle and design blogs. New favourites include Sacramento Street and Cheetah is the New Black.

5) Watching endless amounts of Mad Men. I’m now unhealthily obsessed with learning everything I can about the 60s…

6) …Which in turn means I’ve re-watched Factory Girl far too many times in the past two days.

Ted Talks is always inspiring, but this talk by Brene Brown really struck a chord with me. Brown says that the beauty of human beings is that we are driven by our desire for connection. But when unraveled, human connection is all about our vulnerability, shame, and fear.

I remember my high school English Lit teacher once told me that the beauty of literature was that every human emotion, challenge, hope, sentiment was reflection somewhere  in the breadth of literature. I think it’s really beautiful to think that every single human being out there in the world is connected by the simplest of things – our feelings.